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May 9, 2015

Why Your Inner Happiness is Key to Attracting Men

In this clip, licensed psychotherapist Ashley Davis Bush explains why being happy can help you to attract men.

On the whole, people want to hang out with people who are fun and cheerful and who exude happiness.  Emotions are after all contagious and being with people who are happy makes those who are with them happy as well.

If you are a happy person, it will clearly show.  Your physical appearance will manifest the radiance that you feel inside and will be apparent to all you will encounter.  That draws people in – and will draw men in who will not be able to resist basking in your cheerful glow.

This is also the reason why being a happy person makes you great with a relationship – your partner will feed off your happiness and your mutual joy in each other becomes a key ingredient in having a successful relationship.  It becomes a cycle.

There is, however, this misconception that being in a relationship should make you happy.  If you are not a contented, satisfied person to begin with, being in a romantic relationship can only do so much for you.  It would not benefit your relationship to expect it – or to expect your partner – to be your sole reason for your happiness.

Remember that a great relationship can make you happiER – but it should not be your source of happiness because to have a great relationship that last, you need to be an inherently happy, optimistic person to begin with to attract the right kind of person into your life.

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