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March 5, 2016

Why Your Perceived Beauty Is Much More Important Than Physical Beauty For Your Dating Success

In this video, Matthew Hussey addresses the subject of beauty and women’s insecurities about not being pretty enough.

Beauty is based on media and culture

We all have an ideal of what we are working towards that is determined very much by our culture. It is also something that evolves over time. Our culture and the type of woman that is portrayed as beautiful in the media determines how we view beauty as a society. We are conditioned to decide what beauty is, and that vision is something that changes over time.

We can be conditioned to find different things beautiful

Just as we can be conditioned by the media and culture to find a certain type beautiful, we can be conditioned by other things to find someone beautiful. People with charisma and charm can really draw people to them. The more you get to know someone, the more your perception of their beauty can change, whether for the good or bad.

Objective Beauty versus Perceived Beauty

Objective beauty is that magazine quality beauty. Science tells us it’s based on symmetry. It matters for the catwalk, magazines and media. In real life, however, perceived beauty is so much more important. Perceived beauty comes from the overall package that we have. It’s from our whole demeanor and outlook on life. No one or two features go to make up how attractive you are. Furthermore, it’s a unique package that cannot be replicated by anyone else. It’s your perceived beauty – the way you walk, talk, move and the energy you put off – that is ultimately going to make a guy attracted to you.

Our image of what is beautiful as a society is constantly evolving. We are conditioned to perceive a certain type as beautiful during a certain period in time. What this tells us is that beauty is subjective, and just as society can have an effect on the way we see beauty, so can other factors. The way others perceive us is much more important than what society tells us is beautiful. What is going to attract a guy to you is not one or two features, especially if you’ve got nothing going on besides good looks. It’s your whole nature – your demeanor, personality and energy – that is going to make you attractive and beautiful to a guy.

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